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Temple Cowley United Reformed Church


Oxford Road, Cowley, OXFORD, OX4 2ES






The church building is on the corner of Temple Road and Oxford Road, Temple Cowley : opposite the police station.

or, if finding us using GPS, the church’s coordinates are :

+51° 44' 5.44", -1° 12' 47.62"


Follow this link for a map

Naming Ceremonies (‘Christenings’)

A Service of Blessing is an opportunity to give thanks to God for the birth of a child, it’s a naming ceremony and a welcoming of the child into the human race.  It is an opportunity for the parents to dedicate themselves to the ‘ministry’ of parenthood and to ask for support from family and friends.

Occasionally Ministers may conduct Services of Blessing in people’s homes, at special occasions arranged for the purpose, rather than during Sunday morning worship at the church – but churches generally prefer to welcome families to join us, so they can enjoy the occasion too!

Baptism is a formal rite of entry into the Christian community, which means people who are actively part of the church.  An important element is that the baptised person will live their life in the company of fellow-Christians in the Church.  If the baptised person is an infant, the parents promise to bring them up within the Christian fellowship.  (In effect, the whole Church is saying ‘thank you’ to God for the gift of a new member of the Christian community, and is asking the parents to bring them up as such).

For this reason, although URCs do not refuse on principle to baptise infants, they often would want to be confident that the parents were committed to a Christian fellowship.  Because baptism is a sacrament of the whole worldwide Church, and ‘priesthood’ (for us) is vested not in the Minister alone but in the whole membership, a baptism has to take place when the whole congregation is gathered – usually, Sunday morning.

Ministers are always happy to talk about this with enquirers.


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