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Fair Trade* Policy Statement

Temple Cowley United Reformed Church is concerned about the imbalances in world trading systems which greatly increase the vulnerability of the world's poorest producers.  As part of our Christian witness against  the abuse of power, and our desire not to collaborate with it unnecessarily, we commit the church to :


Keeping itself and its members aware and informed of 'Fair Trade' issues.


Purchasing fairly traded goods* wherever this option is available (particularly including tea and coffee)


Supporting relevant campaigning organisations and keeping the issues before elected political representatives.

We will encourage and help each other to follow this policy in our personal lives.

* A 'common definition' of 'fair trade' from the Fair Trade Foundation :

Fair Trade is an alternative approach to conventional international trade. It is a trading partnership which aims at sustainable development for excluded and disadvantaged producers. It seeks to do this by providing better trading conditions, by awareness raising and by campaigning.

The precise terms of fair trade will vary depending on circumstances, but the following are key characteristics:


A clear set of criteria defining the fair trade terms is available to consumers and producers


An organisation (auditor, body of Trustees), independent of business interests, oversees the implementation of the fair trade principles


The suppliers are selected on the basis of being poor and relatively disadvantaged by the way the commercial market operates


There are monitoring systems to ensure that the fair trade principles and criteria are met and that individual producers are benefiting from the trading terms applied.


Producers are consulted and are able to contribute to the development of the monitoring systems


Trading terms are mutually agreed and always give greater support to the producer than they could expect from the commercial market.

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